Dry pressing paper pulp tray made from abundantly available 100% recycled corrugated, recycled paper material. Molded pulp cost less expensive, eco-friendly alternative that compared to EVA, cardboard, corrugated, vacuum formed PET, PS , and other plastic products.

Bonito products with the features of inconsistent vibrations and cushion protective, unaffected by extreme temperature, anti-friction, the thickness can reach 2.5~3.0mm, can pass drop testing. Products stacked, which can expect to save up to 20%, easy pack out as a molded part, min.

customized paper pulp inlay

Dry pressed recyclable paper pulp trays packaging

Bespoke dry pressing recyclable & sustainable paper pulp tray material:corrguated pulp color:brown/natural size:customized logo:embossed/debossing or printed possible  

bio-based molded pulp

bio-based molded interior pulp packaging

bio-based molded interior pulp packaging for medical care sustainable molded pulp tray for medical prodcuts and tools eco-friendly,clamshell style paper pulp packaging creativity design,solid,hardness water resistance,protective & innovation moulded pulp trays

Plant-based moulded pulp trays for electronics products

Plant-based moulded pulp trays for electronics products packaging made from bio-based recyclable corrguated pulp trays renewable and sustainable material drop-and-go no assemble,easy package cushiong,protective paper pulp trays