Home compostable molded pulp plant pots factory

Product description

biodegradabe paper pulp tray for plant seeding

  • made from recycled,compotable corrguated pulp material
  • renewable moulded paper pulp tray for tray,plant.
  • 60~90days 100% home compostable under soil.
  • stackable,cost saving,durable.
  • printed paper sleeve label and sticker packaging.

Product advantages

2023 Eco-friendly molded pulp paper plant drip trays

  1. plant seeding pulp paper trays factory.
  2. new paper pulp tray for plant,vegetable seeding.
  3. green,easy to degrable,plant holders.
  4. pulp paper and packaging industry manufacturers China.
  5. low volume molded pulp paper pots,bucket.

Product datasheet

100% compostable,sustainable 

 Dry Pressing Molded PulpEPS Products
MaterialCorrguated pulp,wood pulpResin Based
SustainabilitySustainable,RenewableNon-biodegradable non-eco friendly
Tooling CostAcceptableLow
PriceStable costunstable
ProformanceExcellent,approved drop testingGood
CushioningGood vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,high shipping & storage costNon-nestable
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral
Climate ToleranceNon-affected by extreme temperatureAffected