Wet pressing process is a new type of modern technology, which is widely used in insert &inner tray packaging options. Molded pulp products made from 100% biodegradable & compostable material, sugarcane fiber (as known as bagasse), bamboo fiber, wood pulp, recycled paper pulp and other natural plant fiber.

The products not only with very smooth surface and finish that enhance your brand values, but superior packaging performance, protection, cushioning, nesting and stacking capabilities, saving space, assemble and transports cost.

pulp moulding tray

2020 China Supplier Biodegradable Molded Pulp Tray

Model Number : BNT-EC001 Material:Sugarcane fiber/bagasse Color:White (bleached) Size:35*20*4.5cm Logo:Embossed Packing:stacked,poly bag,export carton (pallet available) MOQ:5000pcs/item Sample mold & sample lead time:7days Sample mold lead time:10days Production lead time:15days

ulp tray for cosmetic package

New Wet Pressing Sugarcane Fiber Tray for Cosmetic Products

Model Number:BNT-CS050 Material:Sugarcane pulp/bagasse fiber Color:In white (bleached) Size:28*16*5cm Logo:Embossing MOQ:5000pcs Packing:stacked,poly-bag,export box

wine bottle tray

Hot Sales Molded Pulp 1 Bottle Wine Storage Tray

Model Number:BNT-WB060 Color:White/beige (bleached) Material:Sugarcane pulp/bagasse Size:12*12*5cm Logo:Embossing Packing:stacked,polybag,export carton

molded fiber trays

Sustainable Pulp Trays for Home Appliance Products

Model Number:BNT-HA070 Material:Sugarcane fiber Color:in black MOQ:10000

corner protective pulp tray

Recyclable Molded Paper Protective Pulp Tray Packaging

Model number:BNT-P003 Material:Bagasse fiber Color:in black MOQ:10000

custom black color molded insert tray

Sustainable & Recyclable Molded Pulp Tray for Florida

Model Number:BNT-EC002 Material:Sugarcane fiber Size:200*160*20mm Color:in black MOQ:10000pcs Packing:stacked,polybag,export carton,pallet

paper pulp insert trays

China Manufacturers Pulp Moulding Tray

Model Number:BNT-EC003 Material:bagasse Size:210* 150*45mm Color: in white (bleached) MOQ:5000

wet press bagasse trays packaging

Wet press sugarcae fiber molded tray factory

Model number:BNT-EC030 Material:Sugarcane fiber Color:White MOQ:10000pcs Sample mold cost: 400~550USD Sample lead time:7days Production mold lead time:10days

wine bottle tray pulp

Customized molded pulp 6 bottle wine storage tray

Model number:BNT-WT040 Material:Sugar cane pulp Color:in white Size:290*140*40mm Quantity:10000pcs Packing:stacked,poly-bag,export box,pallet

pulp moulding tray

Molded pulp tray manufacturers

Model number:BNT-MP009 Material:Sugar cane fiber Process:Wet pressed Color:in white Quantity:5000pcs