Bonitopak professional in molded pulp process for years, we have 6 pulp systems which can be in white, natural, black, orange, gray and blue (base on Pantone color) very few manufacturer can meet this point.

Custom color close to more than 95%. Natural color that is unbleached, in white color is bleached but eco-friendly safety method H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) ,in black and other color change color using color additive. For food we suggest white and natural color, other use for molded pulp inner tray packaging.

paper pulp molds

Bio Molded Sugarcane Pulp Tray for Cellphone Case Package

Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages

paper pulp tray in black

China Manufacturer of Recyclable Paper Pulp Tray

Model Number:BNT-BK020 Color:Black (eco-friendly dyeing) Material:Sugarcane pulp Size:30*30*3.5 cm Logo:Embossed MOQ:5000pcs/item Packing info.:stacked,polybag,standard export box,pallet

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100% Compostable Wet Press Plant Trays Paper Pulp

Model Number:BNT-PT030 Size:18*10*2.5cm Color: In Red (Eco-friendly dyeing) MOQ:50000pcs/item Sample mold & sample lead time:12days Production mold lead time:10days Production lead time:25days

grey color pulp tray

Environmentally Eco-friendly Molded Pulp Trays Florida

Model Number:BNT-GR040 Color:Gray color (eco-friendly dyeing) Material:Bagasse fiber Size:90*90*55mm MOQ :20000pcs/item Packing:stacked,polybag,export standard carton,pallet

molded pulp tray in black

New Biodegradable Molded Pulp Tray for Electronics

Model Number: BNT-BK040 Material:Suger cane fiber Color:In black (eco-friendly dyeing) Size:12*5*2.5cm MOQ:10000pcs Packing:stacked,poly-bag,export standar box Sample mold & sample lead time:7days Production mold lead time:10days Mass production lead time:15days

bagasse fiber tray packaging

Custom Bagasse Fiber Tray for E-cigarette Package

Model Number:BNT-PT004 Material:Surcane pulp Color:Blue (eco-friendly dyeing) Size:128*40*13mm MOQ:100000pcs Sample mold & sample lead time:7days Production mold/tooling :10days Mass production lead time :25days

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Elegant mouding paper pulp packaging China

material:sucane cane fibre color:in black size:customized packing:stacked,poly bag,export carton,pallet sample mold: USD400~600 sample lead time:7days production mold:USD3000~4000 production mold lead time:10days mold / tooling material:aluminum

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Dyeing in black molded pulp manufacturers

material:bagasse pulp size:customized color:in black sample lead time:7days

molded pulp packaging recyclable

Superior molded pulp packaging recyclable

material:sugarcane fibre size:customized color:in orange quantity:100000pcs sample lead time:7days production lead time:25days

moulded pulp inserts for cosmetic instrument

Recycled molded pulp packaging process

model number:PT-101 material:bagasse fiber size:custom made color:customized packing:stacked,poly-bag,export carton,pallet. tooling material:new aluminum