Dry pressing paper pulp tray made from abundantly available 100% recycled corrugated, recycled paper material. Molded pulp cost less expensive, eco-friendly alternative that compared to EVA, cardboard, corrugated, vacuum formed PET, PS , and other plastic products.

Bonito products with the features of inconsistent vibrations and cushion protective, unaffected by extreme temperature, anti-friction, the thickness can reach 2.5~3.0mm, can pass drop testing. Products stacked, which can expect to save up to 20%, easy pack out as a molded part, min.

paper tray packaging

100% New Recyclable Molded Paper Pulp Tray Packagi

Model Number : BNT-DRY010 Material:Corrugated pulp Color:In grey (eco-friendly dyeing) Size:15*10*5cm

dry press paper pulp tray

100% Recyclable Molded Paper Pulp Tray for Electro

Model Number:BNT-DY060 Material:Corrguated pulp/paper pulp Size:25*18*4.5cm Color:Brown/natural color MOQ:2000pcs/item Packing:stacked,poly bag (carton available if requires)

pulp egg tray

Recyclable molded pulp paper egg tray for sale

material:recycled paper pulp color:in yellow/grey cavities:12 egg quantity:100 000

paper egg tray carton

Recyclable molded paper pulp egg tray

material:recycled paper pulp color:grey MOQ:100 000 packing:stacked,polybag