Replace parts of traditional plastic, blister, EVA, sponge, foam and other petroleum-based products, molded pulp paper products with the features of recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable. Natural fiber crafts products such as pulp mask, egg toy, Easter Day gifts, Christmas ball, different animal pulp crafts, wall decoration material etc.

You can also DIY on the surface, it is safety and eco-friendly. We provides custom shape design, custom color, in-house prototyping and tooling manufacturer services. Inexpensive and timely, one-stop turnkey environmentally eco-friendly packaging solutions supplier.

paper pulp craft

New Eco-friendly DIY Paper Pulp Crafts

Model number:BNT-PC003 Material:Bagasse Color:in white (bleached) MOQ:50000pcs Packing:stacked,poly-bag,standard carton,pallet available Sample tooling & sample lead time:8days Production mold tooling lead time:10days Production lead time:20days

molded pulp face

Sustainable Moulding Pulp Paper Craft Mask

Model number:BNT-PC004 Color:in white Raw material: bagasse fiber MOQ:20000 Biodegradable time:60~90days

DIY moldedp pulp craft

2021 Recycled molded peper pulp crafts

Material:Sugarcane fibre Size:Customized Color:in white Packing:stacked,polybag carton Sample lead time:7days MOQ:20000pcs

molded paper pulp plate

China supplier molded pulp plate for DIY printing

Item no.:BNT-PC005 Color:in white Feature:waterproof MOQ:10000pcs Sample lead-time:10days Production lead-time:20days

molded pulp egg carton

Wet Pressing Molded Pulp Egg Carton

Process:wet pressing Material:sugarcane fiber pulp Color:in natural Dimension:custom made MOQ:20000pieces Style:paper sleeve closured

molded pulp fire hat for kids

Customized in red molded pulp fire cap for kids

Biodegradable molded pulp fire hat for kids color:dyeing in red,with printed label possible size:customized pilot sample leadtime:10days production tooling leadtime:15days packing:stacked,into polybag,carton  

moulded fiber pulp gift boxes

Moulded pulp packaging solutions for gift products

Recyclable moulded pulp packaging for your gifts eco-friendly molded pulp package inserts printing paper sleeves closure locking,good looking new material bagasse plant fiber,sustainable molded paper pulp kit trays insert one-piece popular packaging solutions option

DIY molded paper pulp

Safety molded paper pulp for kids DIY printing

printed moulded paper pulp gifts and decoration DIY recycled paper pulp material,safty and clean. cute bear shape DIY printing for kids and children. outdoor printing molded pulp paper. standable,rigid,durable and protective. renewable,plastics free,single-use

paper pulp mask

Bespoke DIY molded pulp paper mask for party

recyclable moulded pulp paper mask manufacturers made from sustainable moulded pulp paper material. DIY possible,printing,embossed or debossed. children pulp paper mask,light weight,safety. stacked,shipping cost saving,non-toxic. alternative to foam,plastic or sponge traditional un eco-friendly material.

Reusable paper eggs for Easter day

Reusable molded pulp paper eggs for Easter day

Dry pressed molded pulp eggs for Easter day Made from recycled & eco-friendly material. environmentally protective molded pulp egg boxes. laminated with colorful,printed layer possible. difference size options,decorate with your own paper mache eggs. paper eggs storage candy,chocolate etc. safety,clean...