Safety molded paper pulp for kids DIY printing

DIY molded paper pulp

Product description

printed moulded paper pulp gifts and decoration DIY

  1. recycled paper pulp material,safty and clean.
  2. cute bear shape DIY printing for kids and children.
  3. outdoor printing molded pulp paper.
  4. standable,rigid,durable and protective.
  5. renewable,plastics free,single-use

Product advantages

Kids molded paper pulp DIY animals shape printing

  • made from biodegradable,recycled material.
  • cost saving,lightweight thermoformed pulp paper.
  • formed fiber packaging,paper pulp products suppliers China.
  • can be printed,difference animals shape options possible.
  • plant-based molded pulp paper products.

Product datasheet

recycled paper pulp products for kids DIY

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process