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Why Molded Pulp Packaging?

Molded pulp is an economical and modern packaging material, all the material from 100% renewable sources, mainly material sugarcane fiber, bamboo fiber, wood pulp, strew and other natural plant fiber.

With the features of biodegradable & compostable, recyclable, and environmentally,100% post-consumer waste, less energy be used. The molded pulp products strength, durability, and sustainable. it is your superior protection and cushioning inner/interior or internal insert tray packaging options best choice.


Molded pulp is entirely form sugarcane fiber, wood pulp mixed with water. all the materials that go into our pulp come from 100% post-consumer waste: sugarcane fiber (also known as bagasse) or bamboo, making it the most biodegradable form of packaging available. Less energy is used, because all of our packaging solutions are produced with natural gas and resins.


  • Formed to shape packaging, no assemble required
  • Lower unit cost compared to other forms of packaging
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Meets high customers demand for good looking ,safety, protective and durable packaging
  • Save material, energy and water as efficiently as possible
  • Stackable ability means freight efficient and efficient for warehousing


  • Highly versatile options for molding to suit application and design requirements
  • Superior protection from vibration and shock, waterproof option
  • Excellent bracing, blocking and cushioning protective
  • Soft & smooth surfaces reduce abrasions, electrically neutral
  • Unaffected by extreme in high temperature
  • Superior protection packaging, meet your large variety of categories including electronics, wine bottle, cosmetic products etc.

Industries We Served

electronic digital product

Electronic digital product

Cell phone, digital camera, headphone & earphone, speaker, hearing-aid, USB & digital cable, mouse & keyboard, e-cigarette, hand watch, men shaver & razor
home appliances

Home appliances

Adult toys, kids toys, baby care oil bottle & tube, baby bath, pen& pencil or other stationary, Wifi router, microphone, batteries, lamp bulb
health and beauty product

Health and beauty product

Essential oil pulp trays, women makeup tools products, cosmetic products baby care products, ski max, soap clamshell, skincare tube & bottle, hairdressing tools, shampoo
Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Pumps, plumbing components, hardware tools, industrial products accessories, motors, automotive parts & acc.


6&4 drinking can holder, coffee capsules, coffee pot, wine shipper, wine bottle trays, beer bottles trays, whiskey pulp trays
Food packaging

Food packaging

cake pulp trays, milk power fiber trays, fruit trays, vegetable tray and holder, coffee cup holder, take out trays, egg cartons, chicken egg trays.
Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Plant pots, flower pots, seed planter, seed starter kit, trash can, pet cat & cat feeder, storage boxes, shoes insert packaging
Medical & Scientific

Medical & Scientific

Male & female urinal, molded pulp slipper pan, gray kidney dish, paper pulp measuring jug, bedpan liner
Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable Tableware

Food plate, bio dish, plant fiber trays, molded fiber containers, compostable clamshell, food boxes, bowl, cup
Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies

DIY masks, pulp masks for party, waterproof drawing boards, printed sheet, Easter eggs, Christmas hat & paper balls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What 3D drawing format Bonito accept?

    We use Solidworks for tooling design and develop, 3D drawing by IGS,STEP format.

  • What is the Minimum order(MOQ)?

    In White & Natural color MOQ:10000 pieces per order, cool white color MOQ:10000pices;

    in black color MOQ:20000pieces,custom color MOQ:50000 pieces

    (depend on the specific project, we may accommodate smaller quantities ,and trail order for new and small company)

  • What kind of color BonitoPak can do?

    Usually in white, cool white, black and natural(unbleached) color, it is possible custom color base on Pantone ,over 90% closed to.

    Bonito have rich experience in gray, blue, orange, green etc., so we are confidence with customers color requirement. Bonito have 5 pulp systems advantage.

  • When sample tooling & sample be ready?

    Sample mold 5days, after mold/tooling be ready,2days for sample making, in white & black and natural color one week be sample ready.

    Custom color need little bit longer time, because of new pulp system to sample,10days be sample ready.

  • How many piece sample can be provided?

    Normally 10 pieces sample can be provided. if more samples requires need extra sample making cost, but more than 50pieces we suggest production mold.

  • When production tooling be finished?

    Production mold only 10days can be finished, if your product with high dimension, like 80mm,100mm in height need more 2days,12days in total.

  • What kind of logo options?

    Embossed & debossed logo available , it engraving on the tooling so not affect unit price. printing is possible ,but higher cost, we not recommend this method, because of cost, not eco-friendly.

  • Can you printing on the packaging?

    Yes,BonitoPack provide printing services, but you can contact your local where nearby to inquiry about screen printing, laser, engraving or other printing methods.

After-sale Services

Warranty Policy

BonitoPak always stand behind what we sell with warranty and excellent customer services support.

All our products are provide within a 100% guarantee against any manufacturing defects, but our guarantee not apply to be used by man-made, damaged by incorrect usage way, products be storage at humid environment, heavy stacked in warehouse etc.

After-sale process

1.Communicating with our after-sale person by phone calling, email, whatsapp, wechat, skype or any other online method.

2.Kindly try to finding us clear photos, short video evidence to us to evaluate the issue caused.

3.Once received all the useful date and message needed, our team will notice the Quality Department to deal with.

4.Our Quality Department have given its consent, we would pay for sending replacement to you.

Finally, if our after-sales service satisfied with you, please kindly give us stars feedback, and we will work hard with your positive active.