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Color Options

For all packaging purposes, we offer our customers a wide variety of packaging styles and designs to choose from for their products. Our choice in color options includes the following: natural, white, cool white, black, gray, orange, and even a Pantone custom color choice.

Hence, we can cater to all your aesthetic preferences, making sure your product arrives, and stays in style. Our most popularly requested colors are the ones that fall under Pantone custom color choice, where we invest time and research into getting your color palette right.

Greens and yellows are some of our most famous for having been ordered. But we also cater to those of us who prefer multiple shades in white and a black color to match their countertops and fridge interiors.

All our packages and designs are compostable and environmentally sustainable because they are made from 100% biodegradable sugarcane fiber (also known as bagasse). One of the main reasons for this is our use of pulp in designing packaging.

From the manufacturing process to assembly, the entire packaging creation process utilizes minimum amounts of energy. It also produces no waste that is not compostable or biodegradable, making our production practices and, therefore, out products eco-friendly.

We can ensure both design and environmental friendliness in our packaging products and services due to our years of experience in providing the best for our customers. We understand the importance of showing you that we value your input and will make space for it while taking responsibility for the impact we leave on the environment.

Logo Options

Another popular service that we offer is that of logo solutions. Through years of practice and being able to acquire top-notch equipment, we have been able to provide a variety of ways to incorporate a logo for you on your packaging designs.

For all our business owners, be those that have just started to those having been in the business for years, we are proud to present four different options to choose from. The first type is the standard printed logo, but a more exciting type is that of a laser.

The laser has quickly become one of our most requested logo solutions. It is sleek, minimal, and very versatile in terms of design. To get a better idea of what it looks like, you can get a close up in our gallery. Next are the two of the classics, embossed and debossed. Both these styles look very chic on pulp packages while being as subtle or bold as you want it to be.

All these logo solutions can be viewed up close in our gallery section. One of our key features that maintain the shape and overall look of the packaging is the durability of the pulp that we use. While also being one hundred percent biodegradable, secure packaging is sturdy and can protect your favorite products for a long time.

Our clients are quite happy with the quality of our packaging, as even in rough shipping conditions, our packaging remains taut and stiff, protecting the products within.

Molded Pulp Packaging Solutions

Perhaps our most significant feature is that we also provided molded pulp packaging solutions to all our clients for all of their products. We make our own molded pulp by combining recycled paper with water, the entire process of which does not rely heavily on machinery or energy.

This is our commitment to remaining eco-conscious and environmentally friendly in our practices. We offer our customers a comprehensive set of molded packaging solutions to choose from.

The first is the tin box inner packaging that will hold the items that you place inside, keeping them from smashing around inside the tin. This option is increasingly becoming very popular at fast-food restaurants, as tin box inner packaging is readily being used for burgers and fries.

Another is the paper box insert. This is a popular one for sure, used for a wide variety of items. From cosmetic and skincare products to food items like chocolates and candy, the paper box insert is one of the most common of the packaging options.

Unlike many companies that use plastic, we use the pulp to make these as well. Next is the blister packaging, that you may have encountered in over-the-counter medicines like panadol or Advil.

The packaging thus looks like a cavity or a hole is formed within which rests the medicine, held together by a hard and sturdy layer on the other side. Other solutions include tube-insert tray packaging and paper sleeve that is also being used often these days.

Molded Pulp Types

Our company is consistently trying to improve our customer's experience. We want them to get what they want and how they want it. To do this, we have also developed multiple types of molded pulp to suit each of our client's specific needs.

The first and perhaps the most fun to work with is the foldable type, which comes in two sub-types two and four. This type of molded design is perfect for a product that requires to be packaged a bit more flexibly.

Our folded pulp type also gives you the customer to shape the packaging precisely the way you want, by giving you a dependable design to work with. Next is the flat type mold, perfect for those of you who require a precise and tightly controlled package to encase your product.

This is widely used for machinery and other equipment, as well as electrical appliances in some cases. We also offer our customers the wall type mold for pressing the products they wish to encase to keep them in place.

These are usually thinner than some of our other types of mold so that they can be perfect for compact spaces. Another one of our molds is the clam-shell type of molded pulp that permanently traps an item between two sheets of mold and clams shut.

For additional security, the protruding edges can be sealed shut to keep the article within safe. Lastly, is the base and lid-type, which you may have seen in the boxes that your cell phones arrive in. These are also relatively thinner than other types of pulp mold, but our techniques to get them just right have been practiced for years.