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Wet pressing Molded Pulp Trays

Wet pressing Molded Pulp Trays

Wet pressing process is a new type of modern technology, which is widely used in insert &inner tray packaging options. Molded pulp products made from 100% biodegradable & compostable material, sugarcane fiber (as known as bagasse), bamboo fiber, wood pulp, recycled paper pulp and other natural plant fiber.

The products not only with very smooth surface and finish that enhance your brand values, but superior packaging performance, protection, cushioning, nesting and stacking capabilities, saving space, assemble and transports cost.

Molded Fiber for Food Packaging

Using food grade plant fiber material: sugar cane fiber (bagasse), straw, bamboo fiber etc. products such as food dish and plate, food box, food container, clam shell, bowl for food, drinking cup not only waterproof but oil resistant, high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature -30 ℃ safe for microwave, oven and refrigerator, 100% non-toxic, food safety and healthy, biodegradable in 90days, compostable environmentally friendly.

Certified by BPI, OK Compost. Recyclable, renewable, it is possible reuse to make paper, reduce the need for petroleum-based material. Tableware products with smooth surface, superior strength, leak-proof, stackable.

Molded Fiber for Food Packaging
Color Moulded Pulp Trays

Color Moulded Pulp Trays

Bonitopak professional in molded pulp process for years, we have 6 pulp systems which can be in white, natural, black, orange, gray and blue (base on Pantone color) very few manufacturer can meet this point.

Custom color close to more than 95%. Natural color that is unbleached, in white color is bleached but eco-friendly safety method H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) ,in black and other color change color using color additive. For food we suggest white and natural color, other use for molded pulp inner tray packaging.

Dry Pressing Molded Pulp Trays

Dry pressing paper pulp tray made from abundantly available 100% recycled corrugated, recycled paper material. Molded pulp cost less expensive, eco-friendly alternative that compared to EVA, cardboard, corrugated, vacuum formed PET, PS , and other plastic products.

Bonito products with the features of inconsistent vibrations and cushion protective, unaffected by extreme temperature, anti-friction, the thickness can reach 2.5~3.0mm, can pass drop testing. Products stacked, which can expect to save up to 20%, easy pack out as a molded part, min.

Dry Pressing Molded Pulp Trays
Recyclable Paper Pulp Craft

Recyclable Paper Pulp Craft

Replace parts of traditional plastic, blister, EVA, sponge, foam and other petroleum-based products, molded pulp paper products with the features of recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable. Natural fiber crafts products such as pulp mask, egg toy, Easter Day gifts, Christmas ball, different animal pulp crafts, wall decoration material etc.

You can also DIY on the surface, it is safety and eco-friendly. We provides custom shape design, custom color, in-house prototyping and tooling manufacturer services. Inexpensive and timely, one-stop turnkey environmentally eco-friendly packaging solutions supplier.

Bonito Packaging is Wet & dry pressing molded fiber trays packaging manufacturer and supplier

BonitoPak is a leader manufacturer of molded pulp packaging for internal protection & cushioning. Products mainly includes molded fiber trays for 3C electronic products, pulp paper trays for wine bottle, pulp trays for cosmetic products, as well as, clamshell, corner protective and end-use consumer items.

From designing ,engineering ,tooling and manufacturing one-stop packaging cooperation partner.

“Be Green “sourcing material from made from biodegradable & compostable eco-friendly sugarcane fiber, bamboo, wood pulp, wheat strew or other natural virgin pulp.

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10 Industries we served

electronic digital product

Electronic digital product

Cell phone, digital camera, headphone & earphone, speaker, hearing-aid, USB & digital cable, mouse & keyboard, e-cigarette, hand watch, men shaver & razor
home appliances

Home appliances

Adult toys, kids toys, baby care oil bottle & tube, baby bath, pen& pencil or other stationary, Wifi router, microphone, batteries, lamp bulb
health and beauty product

Health and beauty product

Essential oil pulp trays, women makeup tools products, cosmetic products baby care products, ski max, soap clamshell, skincare tube & bottle, hairdressing tools, shampoo
Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Pumps, plumbing components, hardware tools, industrial products accessories, motors, automotive parts & acc.


6&4 drinking can holder, coffee capsules, coffee pot, wine shipper, wine bottle trays, beer bottles trays, whiskey pulp trays
Food packaging

Food packaging

cake pulp trays, milk power fiber trays, fruit trays, vegetable tray and holder, coffee cup holder, take out trays, egg cartons, chicken egg trays.
Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Plant pots, flower pots, seed planter, seed starter kit, trash can, pet cat & cat feeder, storage boxes, shoes insert packaging
Medical & Scientific

Medical & Scientific

Male & female urinal, molded pulp slipper pan, gray kidney dish, paper pulp measuring jug, bedpan liner
Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable Tableware

Food plate, bio dish, plant fiber trays, molded fiber containers, compostable clamshell, food boxes, bowl, cup
Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies

DIY masks, pulp masks for party, waterproof drawing boards, printed sheet, Easter eggs, Christmas hat & paper balls

6 reasons to choose us

High Efficient Response

High Efficient Response

We would response to your inquiry within 24hours,with rich experienced sales team be sure get your concepts and ideals fast, providing you solutions, great mutual communication, save time, less trouble and save development cost.
Rapid and Flexibility

Rapid and Flexibility

In-house designed, engineered, tooling and manufacturing, make sure sample & production tooling be ready within agreed date, sample mold & sampling 7days finished, production mold & punching mold in 8days finished, which is most rapid in the molded pulp industry.
Professional R&D Team

Professional R&D Team

Some of our R & D engineers with very level designing, prototyping and tooling ability, both at wet pressing and dry pressing, providing combine with blister, tin can, case, paper printing box full set packaging solutions.
Quality & Cost Control

Quality & Cost Control

Inspection by trained & responsible staffs, 100% checking, random checking after thermoforming step and total quality checking to ensure that every product meet customer requires, high qualified rate, less rejects and save cost.
On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

We would provide clients with reasonable order scheduling. if any accident meet, Bonito will discuss and coordinate with customer to solve the problems together, won’t just keep the bad news till issue cannot be solved, provide best solutions.
Great After-sale Services

Great After-sale Services

Our after-sale trained team, always be happy to solve the problems that you meets, not only replacement, expressing but also delivery & shipping. with many years of experience make conversation become easy, zero complain is our target.

How we develop your products

Bonito Packaging's in-house design team with the capacity of developing a custom packaging, we could help you run from concept and ideal to production. Bonito can provide you innovative engineering and design solutions as fast as anyone else in the industry.

"All in one" packaging concept, We try best to make full packaging with one material, to make biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable packaging, Utilizing modern molded pulp process and equipments, Bonito know how to meet your requirements, we excel at clients satisfaction, industrial molded pulp inner protective and cushioning packaging.

We offer a simple and efficient 4 steps development process:

Step 1

Assessment and Analysis

We can design 3D drawing based on your samples provided, through efficient conversation and discuss. In 2days providing you a drawing file to confirm, all specifications of the products to be packaged and workable. Bonito have the flexibility to work with 3D files SolidWorks, Creo by IGS,STEP format.
Step 2

Design Concepts

Bonito make your concepts and the drawing files and detail specification, including review in the form of drawing and packaging assembly, whether you want to protect and cushion yours parts, or simply organization. the target is for review the drawing may follow.
Step 3

Prototype and Test

For wet pressing molded pulp trays, normally sample mold first, in case of mold revise and modify lead to mold become useless ,at this stage customer can requires small modify, the cost is small. Once sample confirmed then production mold next. we always to ensure superior results, high efficient.
Step 4

Tooling and Manufacture

Bonito Packaging’s in-house tooling team is completely staffed by highly skilled craftsmen with a strong industry reputation. Using advanced molding technology and customized tools to ensure accuracy and quality. Bonito experienced tooling & mold team generates production molds using the latest and greatest software available.

What our customers say about us

We knew egg cartons because we can see in the supermarket, but we don’t there is more smooth and excellent inner trays packaging material. The key is biodegradable & compostable environmentally friendly, amazing!
Rafael Remy
I have just visited they factory, it is totally new industry to me, previous packaging always EVA inserts, blister, EPS etc. but nowadays our country and oversea markets must eco-friendly requirement, less plastic, blister. I think molded pulp is best solutions that i am looking for.
Maria Monreale
We would like to share with others that I found a brilliant, smart manufacturer, they salesman solve the problem rapid, quality control and on time shipping. You know it is quite important that get my goods before exhibition, in short time but they meet the goal
Nhien Ngo
be a designer, I am always focus on the function, consumers experience. BonitoPak make my concept to productions, high active and provided me many alternative it is great to me to run forward, one more thing, the guy seems no sleeping per day, as he always response in a very short time, I love it
Howard Khu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What 3D drawing format Bonito accept?

    We use Solidworks for tooling design and develop, 3D drawing by IGS,STEP format.

  • What is the Minimum order(MOQ)?

    In White & Natural color MOQ:10000 pieces per order, cool white color MOQ:10000pices;

    in black color MOQ:20000pieces,custom color MOQ:50000 pieces

    (depend on the specific project, we may accommodate smaller quantities ,and trail order for new and small company)

  • What kind of color BonitoPak can do?

    Usually in white, cool white, black and natural(unbleached) color, it is possible custom color base on Pantone ,over 90% closed to.

    Bonito have rich experience in gray, blue, orange, green etc., so we are confidence with customers color requirement. Bonito have 5 pulp systems advantage.

  • When sample tooling & sample be ready?

    Sample mold 5days, after mold/tooling be ready,2days for sample making, in white & black and natural color one week be sample ready.

    Custom color need little bit longer time, because of new pulp system to sample,10days be sample ready.

  • How many piece sample can be provided?

    Normally 10 pieces sample can be provided. if more samples requires need extra sample making cost, but more than 50pieces we suggest production mold.

  • When production tooling be finished?

    Production mold only 10days can be finished, if your product with high dimension, like 80mm,100mm in height need more 2days,12days in total.

  • What kind of logo options?

    Embossed & debossed logo available , it engraving on the tooling so not affect unit price. printing is possible ,but higher cost, we not recommend this method, because of cost, not eco-friendly.

  • Can you printing on the packaging?

    Yes,BonitoPack provide printing services, but you can contact your local where nearby to inquiry about screen printing, laser, engraving or other printing methods.

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