Bespoke DIY molded pulp paper mask for party

Product description

recyclable moulded pulp paper mask manufacturers

  • made from sustainable moulded pulp paper material.
  • DIY possible,printing,embossed or debossed.
  • children pulp paper mask,light weight,safety.
  • stacked,shipping cost saving,non-toxic.
  • alternative to foam,plastic or sponge traditional un eco-friendly material.

Product advantages

Moulded pulp paper face mask for kids party celebration

  1. in white color,printing DIY for children.
  2. lifecycle home compostable material.
  3. rigid,durable pulp moulded paper mask for party using.
  4. clean,portable and light-weight pulp paper animal mask.
  5. dry pressed process,bagasse sugarcane fiber material.

Product datasheet

dry pressed moulded pulp production supplier China

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process