Renewable corrguated fibre molded pulp coffee cup holder

paper pulp coffee cup 4 holder

Product description

Recyclable paper pulp cup holder for 4cup coffee

  • green raw material sources,renewable.
  • affordable development tooling cost and unit price.
  • formed to shape,no assembly required save cost.
  • zero wast,durable protective can and cup holder for hot coffee take away services.
  • eco-friendly molded paper pulp trays packaging.


Product advantages

Plant based molded pulp paper holder for drinking bottle and cup beverage

  1. sustainable preferred protective packaging material.
  2. professional and experienced manufacturers from China.
  3. brand enhance bottle and cup holder supplier.
  4. custom made inlay made for recyclable material.
  5. thermoforming lines as well as pulp trays.

Product datasheet

take away for hot and cold coffee cup holder protection

 Dry Pressing Molded PulpEPS Products
MaterialCorrguated pulp,wood pulpResin Based
SustainabilitySustainable,RenewableNon-biodegradable non-eco friendly
Tooling CostAcceptableLow
PriceStable costunstable
ProformanceExcellent,approved drop testingGood
CushioningGood vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,high shipping & storage costNon-nestable
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral
Climate ToleranceNon-affected by extreme temperatureAffected