Sustainability paper pulp moulded box storage

molded paper pulp boxes storage

Product description

moulded pulp paper box products vendor

  • excellent bracing,blacking and anti cushioning.
  • molded pulp edge,pulp end caps protection.
  • durable,portable and light-weight paper pulp box.
  • high volume capacity for your clothes,accessories.
  • environmental eco-friendly pulp moulded boxes supplier.
  • recyclable paper pulp molded products.

Product advantages

Custom made moulded pulp box manufacturers

  1. molded fiber boxes wholesales.
  2. 100% recyclable pulp paper packaging material.
  3. dry pressed molded pulp boxes factory China.
  4. zero waste,plastic free alternative to foam,sponge,EVA.
  5. based and lid design,with elastic band closure,tightly protective solutions.
  6. universal design,superiro protection molded pulp box products.

Product datasheet

100% post-consumer paper pulp box

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process