Brown corrguated pulp molded shipping packaging material

molded pulp shipping packaging

Product description

100% plastic free moulded pulp packaging solutions suppliers from China

  • pulp molding home glasses bottle kit tool trays.
  • inner tray for both the multi-functional tool and edge protection.
  • sustainable packaging eco-friendly material.
  • less packaging license costs,durable corner edge protective.
  • renewable,recyclable raw material,smart package.

Product advantages

Recycled and sustainable shipping packaging material manufacturer Dongguan

  1. dry pressed molded pulp insert and interior packaging box.
  2. moulded fiber inlay packaging vendor.
  3. eco molded paper pulp for your glass bottle insert protective.
  4. current corrguated packaging plant fiber-based.
  5. shockproof,drop testing passed packaging material solutions from Dongguan factory.

Product datasheet

Dry pressed moulded fiber trays packaging bio.& green packaging

 Dry Pressing Molded PulpEPS Products
MaterialCorrguated pulp,wood pulpResin Based
SustainabilitySustainable,RenewableNon-biodegradable non-eco friendly
Tooling CostAcceptableLow
PriceStable costunstable
ProformanceExcellent,approved drop testingGood
CushioningGood vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,high shipping & storage costNon-nestable
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral
Climate ToleranceNon-affected by extreme temperatureAffected