bio-based molded interior pulp packaging

Product description

bio-based molded interior pulp packaging for medical care

  • sustainable molded pulp tray for medical prodcuts and tools
  • eco-friendly,clamshell style paper pulp packaging
  • creativity design,solid,hardness
  • water resistance,protective & innovation moulded pulp trays

Product advantages

Drop and go innvative molded pulp packaging solutions for medical products

  • requires no assembly,easy package,correcuated pulp.
  • excellent cushioning,bracing,blocking of your goods during transportation and shipping.
  • recyclable and sustainable moulded pulp trays.
  • reduce labor cost,plant-based molded paper pulp trays.

Product datasheet

 Dry Pressing Molded PulpEPS Products
MaterialCorrguated pulp,wood pulpResin Based
SustainabilitySustainable,RenewableNon-biodegradable non-eco friendly
Tooling CostAcceptableLow
PriceStable costunstable
ProformanceExcellent,approved drop testingGood
CushioningGood vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,high shipping & storage costNon-nestable
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral
Climate ToleranceNon-affected by extreme temperatureAffected