Using food grade plant fiber material: sugar cane fiber (bagasse), straw, bamboo fiber etc. products such as food dish and plate, food box, food container, clam shell, bowl for food, drinking cup not only waterproof but oil resistant, high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature -30 ℃ safe for microwave, oven and refrigerator, 100% non-toxic, food safety and healthy, biodegradable in 90days, compostable environmentally friendly.

Certified by BPI, OK Compost. Recyclable, renewable, it is possible reuse to make paper, reduce the need for petroleum-based material. Tableware products with smooth surface, superior strength, leak-proof, stackable.

reyclable molded hot coffee cup holder

Recyclable takeaway cofffe drinking pulp moulded holder

sustainable molded pulp trays for cold coffee cup made from compostable moulded pulp products. 2pieces can tear deivide 2 single coffee cup. waterproof,light weight paper pulp holders. recycled pulp moulded trays for hot coffee cup drinking. alternative to plastic,blister,PS,PE non-environmentally...

wet pressed food tray and cup

Biodegradable home compostable molded fiber food container

100% plant fiber food plate and trays manufacturer made from biodegradable,compostable eco-friendly molded pulp containers. unbleached molded plant fiber food container and lid. PFAS free,water resistant,oil-proof,health and clean. durable moulded fiber-base food tray and lids packaging for takeaway. paper sleeve...

orangle fruit paper pulp trays

Green recycled moulded pulp paper tray for fruit packaging

Dry pressed alternative to plastic and foam molded pulp fruit tray recyclable corrguated pulp paper trays for orange. 12 cavities fruit tray,stackable,space save. water resistant fresh fruit packaging material. non chemcial,no polutions,can use for plant pot. eco-friendly packaging solutions by...

bagasse coffee cup and lid

Sustainable home compostable cold coffee cup lid cover

New sustainable coffee and tea cup lid manufacturers made from biodegradable home compostable material bagasse,sugarcane fiber. plant fiber base single use cup and glass lid. locked closure hot coffee cup cover suppliers. waterproof,oilproof,PFAS free solid cup holder. zero waste,health,non-toxic replace...