Using food grade plant fiber material: sugar cane fiber (bagasse), straw, bamboo fiber etc. products such as food dish and plate, food box, food container, clam shell, bowl for food, drinking cup not only waterproof but oil resistant, high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature -30 ℃ safe for microwave, oven and refrigerator, 100% non-toxic, food safety and healthy, biodegradable in 90days, compostable environmentally friendly.

Certified by BPI, OK Compost. Recyclable, renewable, it is possible reuse to make paper, reduce the need for petroleum-based material. Tableware products with smooth surface, superior strength, leak-proof, stackable.

sugarcane food containers

Sugarcane food containers with lids for takeway package

Material:sugarcane pulp fiber Color:in natural (unbleached) Volume:800ml Feature:waterproof,oilproof witd lid design Quantity:100 000pcs MOQ Type:wet press moulded pulp Food box containers with PLA,PET film laminated workable

molded pulp tray for cookie cake and chocolate

Food grade molded pulp tray for cookie cake and chocolate

Item no.:BT-CC010 Material:plant sugarcane fiber Color:in white or natural Logo:embossed Feature:safety,bio sustainable Type:flat design Waterproof possible

in natural bagasse 2c food container

New PFAS free plant fiber 2 compartment food container

Plastic free sugarcane fiber 2 compartment food container with lid PFAS free,biodegradable & compostable material. eco-friendly moulded pulp fiber food box and lid. 30~90days 100% completed home compostable. zero waste,recyclabl and sustainable food container and tray. in natural color (unbleached),or...

compostable nespesso compartble pods

100% compostable nespresso compartible coffee pods

2023 New compostable & biodegradable nespress compartible capsule made from plant fiber,sugarcane pulp or you can say bagasse. renewable and recyclable wet pressed pulp coffe tea pods. waterproof,grease barrier and PFAS free,food grade material. be widely used for nespress machine,compartible...

bagasse molded pulp

Wet pressed bagasse molded pulp bowl storage

Sustainable wet pressed moulded fiber round bowl food packaging made from biodegradable & compostable material sugarcane plant fiber. water resistance,oilproof,PFAS free. stackable,small gap,low transportation. unaffected by extreme temperature. recyclable,renewable,environmentally eco-friendly food packaging.

molded pulp fruit tray

Paper based molded pulp fruit trays food packaging

recycled moulded pulp tray for fresh fruit storage made from biodegradable compostable material. dyeing in purple color,eco-friendly pulp tray. water resistant,stackable packing tray. zero waste,non-toxic and health packaging basket. suit for vegetable,mashroom,fruit transportation.

Bio Pizza food tray

New PFAS free bagasse pizza food trays package

plastics free bio.moulded paper pulp food tray boxes color:unbleaced natural color material:bagases,sugarcane fiber pulp logo:embossed or debossed logo solutions rigid molded fiber food box trays package take away food tray packaging for pizza waterproof,oil resistant food plate & platter

molded pulp fruit trays

Green molded pulp trays for fruit packaging

Natural plant fiber molded pulp packaging for fruit made from biodegradable&compostable packaging material water resistant,oilproof,clean and safety stacked possile,save transportion cost,protective recyclable, no polutions moulded fiber container

moulded pulp box for tea packaging food

Earth friendly plant-based moulded pulp box for tea packaging

2023 environmentally moulded pulp box packaging for drink tea made from biodegradable packaging material. safety,clean,no dirty pulp paper insert and outer box. printing paper sleeve closure protective. replace tin box,plastic foam,paper pulp box manufacturers. tea bag insert pulp paper box,2nd...

paper pulp egg tray manufacturer

renewable paper pulp egg tray manufacturer

thermoformed moulded paper pulp egg tray manufacturer drying in yellow,orange based on pantone number possible paper sleeves,printed sticker with advertisement clamshell design,locked closure,safety and protective health,durable paper pulp packaging trays and inserts 10,12 eggs pulp holder,sustainable pulp molding production