renewable paper pulp egg tray manufacturer

Product description

thermoformed moulded paper pulp egg tray manufacturer

  • drying in yellow,orange based on pantone number possible
  • paper sleeves,printed sticker with advertisement
  • clamshell design,locked closure,safety and protective
  • health,durable paper pulp packaging trays and inserts
  • 10,12 eggs pulp holder,sustainable pulp molding production

Product advantages

cyclabled paper pulp moding egg carton trays

  1. low volume,cost effective custom molded pulp packaging.
  2. paper products manufacturers Dongguan,China supplier.
  3. compostable molded pulp fiber packaging material.
  4. rigid paper pulp tray box,custom eggs tray vendor.
  5. paper pulp tray holder for egg,duck’s egg

Product datasheet

dry pressed clamshell paper pulp egg carton

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process