Wet pressed bagasse molded pulp bowl storage

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Product description

Sustainable wet pressed moulded fiber round bowl food packaging

  1. made from biodegradable & compostable material sugarcane plant fiber.
  2. water resistance,oilproof,PFAS free.
  3. stackable,small gap,low transportation.
  4. unaffected by extreme temperature.
  5. recyclable,renewable,environmentally eco-friendly food packaging.

Product advantages

Recycled pulp moulded bowl for food storage

  • 100% plastic free,bio.in 30~90days.
  • zero waste water,chemical-free pulping process.
  • inexpensive raw material sources,affordable tooling and molding development cost.
  • formed to shape,no assembly required, water resistance and oilproof function.
  • embossed/debossed logo,printed possible.
  • wrap shrinking packing,stacked,replace PET,PLA,PS plastic material.

Product datasheet

Sustainable & reycleable live

 Wet Press Molded FiberDry Press Molded Fiber
MaterialSugarcane fiber,bamboo fiberCorrguated pulp,wood pulp
SurfaceOne side smooth,another side with textureRough surface
ColorWhite,Natural,Black,Pantone Custom ColorNatural,Black,White
Drop testinggoodGreat
CushioningGreat vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,small packing spaceStackable,large space packing space
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral