Biodegradable home compostable molded fiber food container

wet pressed food tray and cup

Product description

100% plant fiber food plate and trays manufacturer

  • made from biodegradable,compostable eco-friendly molded pulp containers.
  • unbleached molded plant fiber food container and lid.
  • PFAS free,water resistant,oil-proof,health and clean.
  • durable moulded fiber-base food tray and lids packaging for takeaway.
  • paper sleeve closure,locked protective food kits.
  • recycled single use molded fiber food plate and platter.

Product advantages

bagasse sustainable moulded fiber food container and lid

  1. embossed debossed logo,printed possible.
  2. lid and base fittable food containers protective.
  3. innovative moulded plant fiber trays with lids food packaging.
  4. safety,non-toxic alternative to PS,PET,PLA plastic and blister.
  5. resourcing sugarcane fiber,bagasse wet pressed molded food container and lid.

Product datasheet

100% biodegradable home compostable in 30~90days