Green recycled moulded pulp paper tray for fruit packaging

orangle fruit paper pulp trays

Product description

Dry pressed alternative to plastic and foam molded pulp fruit tray

  • recyclable corrguated pulp paper trays for orange.
  • 12 cavities fruit tray,stackable,space save.
  • water resistant fresh fruit packaging material.
  • non chemcial,no polutions,can use for plant pot.
  • eco-friendly packaging solutions by dry pressed molded pulp process.

Product advantages

Sustainable moulded pulp paper fruit trays manufacturer

  1. 100% begradable,green and environmentally eco-friendly.
  2. durable,solid molded pulp fiber inlay and fruit inserts.
  3. custom made service,low cost tooling development.
  4. pulp moulding tray for apply,orange fruit package.
  5. in natural,brown color,recycled pulp paper material.

Product datasheet

eco-friendly molded pulp production

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process