Wet pressing process is a new type of modern technology, which is widely used in insert &inner tray packaging options. Molded pulp products made from 100% biodegradable & compostable material, sugarcane fiber (as known as bagasse), bamboo fiber, wood pulp, recycled paper pulp and other natural plant fiber.

The products not only with very smooth surface and finish that enhance your brand values, but superior packaging performance, protection, cushioning, nesting and stacking capabilities, saving space, assemble and transports cost.

plant-based moulded pulp liner tray

2023 Sustianability plant-based moulded pulp liner trays

New environmentally friendly moulded fiber trays for kid sunglasses packaging made from renewable bio-based plant fiber packaging material. in white color,embossed or debossed logo options. printed paper sleeve for closure protection. popular,cost effective,non-plastic no pollutions molded liner trays. new design,attractive...

paper pulp box

Recyclable moulded paper pulp box

Paper sleeves closure moulded paper box packaging made from recyclable material sugarcane pulp. biodegradable compostable,plastic free packaging solutions. bottle insert storage,safety protective thermoformed pulp boxes. zero waste,low volume packaging space molded paper pulp products. 2023 renewable wet pressed plant fiber...