Environmentally moulded fiber trays for mobilephone

blue colored cellphone pulp trays

Product description

eco-friendly molded fiber trays for mobilephone packaging

  • dyeing in blue,smooth finish, high quality cellphone tray.
  • don’t need assemble,final packagin 100% recyclable.
  • plastic free,chemical-free,no pollution pulp tray.
  • post industrial packaging materials.
  • wet pressed molding pulp trays for iphone inserts.

Product advantages

sustainable molded fiber tray for iphone insert packaging

  • how to make molded pulp packaging?
  • we are professional manufacturers from China,over 10years experience.
  • molded pulp liner trays for iphone,cellphone and mobilephone.
  • premium packaging trays,plant fiber-based molded pulp kits supplier.

Product datasheet

wet pressed molded pulp products production

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process