Sustainable cosmetics products paper pulp manufacturers

Product description

2023 Eco-friendly packaging material manufacturer from China

  • made from recyclable,compostable material paper pulp.
  • fittable for your jar,tube,bottle make up products insert protection.
  • plant-base moulded pulp inlay packaging solutions.
  • renewable pulp paper products for cosmetics.
  • durable,smooth finish and high quality for your brand enhance.

Product advantages

Recyclable moulded pulp paper packaging supplier

  1. replace single-use plastic tray and insert,alternative packaging material.
  2. biodegradable rigid molded pulp box,hardness protective.
  3. recyclable logo embossing or debossing,printed possible.
  4. low-cost development,cost effective.
  5. zero waste,dirty and food grade package material.

Product datasheet

wet pressed paper pulp package

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process