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Why Molded Pulp Tray Packaging?

Why Molded Pulp Tray Packaging?

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BonitoPak is a leading manufacturing company that makes molded pulp trays that are primarily used for internal packaging for a wide variety of products.

These products include various electronics, glass and crystal ware, food packaging, and even packaging for cosmetic products.

Our firm has a number of services to go with the manufacturing of molded pulp trays, such as custom molded pulp tray design, color, and style preferences.

Additionally, we also offer our customers the choice from multiple types of molded pulp to use for packaging.

This article will briefly discuss what molded pulp is, why it is better as opposed to other types of packaging, and then move onto BonitoPak’s mold development plan.

Moreover, it will also discuss the importance of such molds in being eco-friendly and why this approach is essential to us as a firm.  

What Is Molded Pulp, And Why Use Molded Pulp For Packaging?

Molded pulp is typically made from paper and other fibrous materials such as cardboard, sugarcane, and bamboo that are recycled.

Its primary use is in packaging for a vast array of items but is also used to make trays, plates, bowls, and other objects.

There are multiple types of moulded pulp packaging trays, such as thick wall, thermoformed fiber, processed, and transfer molds, to name a few.

At BonitoPak, we offer our clients both wet pressed and dry pressed molds, as well as molds available in different colors, molded fiber for food packaging, and separate recyclable paper crafts.

There are quite a number of advantages and benefits of using molded pulp for packaging purposes.

Firstly, it is considered to be more economical as opposed to other materials used in packaging, such as polystyrene.

This is because it uses raw material that is cheaper in comparison, and the manufacturing process is also comparably inexpensive.

Furthermore, not only does it not require a lot of storage space or high shipping costs, but it also requires little to no assembly as it is molded into shape, as the name suggests.

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It is also sustainable as it is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again after use. Its production process is chemical-free, and relies on air drying for at least seventy percent of the time, reducing or even eliminating dependence on electricity or other energy forms.

Also, molded pulp does not produce any waste; excess water evaporates or is reused, and any paste left is incorporated into the next batch of molds.

Lastly, molded pulp performs quite well in terms of safe packaging. Not only can it be made water-resistant by coating in wax, but it is also safe from any kind of electrical damage or damage that could come from extreme temperatures, making it ideal for shipping long distances.

Most importantly, molded pulp is particularly good at cushioning and bracing encased items, protecting them from damage that might have come during shipping and travel.

This makes molded pulp a particularly attractive form of packaging from economic, environmental, and performance standpoints.

With the use of more advanced and sophisticated technology, the molded pulp can be fashioned into customized designs and packaging styles to suit different products.

These have also made the final prototypes smoother in appearance and feel, which allows molded pulp to be used more and more for day to day items.

BonitoPak’s specialty rests in keeping our customers involved from the very first stage of packaging development for their products. To effectively deliver products that our customers prefer over other competitors in the market, we have developed a vigorous four-step plan.

How We Work: The Four-Step Development Plan

The aim of this step-by-step plan is not just to incorporate aesthetic and design preferences of our clients, but to combine that with our environment-friendly approach. Hence, all our molded pulp trays are biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable.

Our plan begins with the assessment and analysis stage, where we take our clients’ input to create a three-dimensional sketch of the sample.

At this stage, our customers send us their design requirements as a sample, which we use to develop our own. This process is completed within two days of receiving instructions from our clients.

We then move onto the next stage, which is coming up with a design concept. This includes incorporating the design specifications into the sample as well as packaging and cushioning specifics. At this stage, we finalize the drawing samples to move towards the next step, creating the prototype.

At the third stage, we begin creating the actual mold. To ensure that our clients are satisfied with the prototype, we also allow for design revisions or smaller modifications that may need to be made of the molds for a small fee. This stage also includes testing out the prototype to ensure that it meets the requirements.

tooling and mold

Once the client approves the prototype, only then do we move to the next stage, which is tooling and manufacturing.

For this stage, we have developed a team of highly skilled and professional craft persons who utilize the best technology available to create the final molds.

For the best results, we also use customized machinery and tools to ensure that our clients receive precisely the product that they want. This enables us to tailor our molds to meet the requirements of our customers efficiently.  

For a more detailed look into the production and manufacture process of our molded pulp, you can visit our website at https://www.bonitopak.com/design-tooling/. Here, you will find a 12 step process description of how our molded pulp trays are made with pictures and descriptions of each step.

Designing Molded Pulp Trays At BonitoPak

Our design process is further divided into four categories, each having been perfected by the skillset of our employees that have around fifteen years of experience.

But we have also incorporated some of the latest machinery and technology to polish our techniques and continue improving on them.

The design engineers at BonitoPak are seasoned experts in their field. Their experience spans over both wet and dry pressing techniques as well as tooling.

Throughout the year, we have thousands of custom designs that are made by our in-house team, all unique and user-friendly.

Once we have received the design file, it is only a short amount of time until a prototype is created. Various samples are created for testing and evaluation, a process that heavily depends upon communicating well with our clients.

At this stage, all costs are covered by the company.

If any modifications or changes need to be made, they are done so at this point in the design process for a small fee. This allows us to save costs and energy, as well as ensure that our clients are on board with the final prototype.

desiger drawing design

We at BonitoPak never back down from a design challenge. For a new custom sample, we first suggest the use of a sample mold to save production costs.

However, this may not be the mold that ends up being used for the final prototype, as there may be a need for revisions in design.

Finally, the production tooling process involves using our in-house team, as well. They use CNC technology to make sure that the design is accurate and of high quality.

Other tooling materials can include aluminum. However, steel or metal may be used if the client prefers.

A complete set of molds includes the following: a collection of forming mold, two sets of thermoforming molds, and one set of die-cutting mold.

Depending on the specifics of each client’s requirements, the set may also include some punching molds as well.

Overall, our design process is equipped with the best features to ensure the smooth and efficient production of molds, which has kept our clients more than satisfied with our services.

Other Services At BonitoPak

There are two additional aspects in which we provide customized services to all our clients, depending on their requirements.

Firstly, we offer a choice in color from a wide variety of shades to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Remember that all our dyes are chemical-free and therefore have no negative impact on the ecosystem.

Secondly, another one of our popular services is providing logo solutions in four different styles.

By far, the most preferred choice by our customers is the laser, although the debossed and embossed logo solutions are also quite popular amongst niche clientele.

For more details on these services, visit our web page here: https://www.bonitopak.com/custom-service/. You can also see this page for pictures on what each type of logo looks like.

The Importance Of Environment-Friendly Products

Industrial waste is a severe threat to the environment. With the rise of global warming leading to climate change, impacts on wildlife and public health,

it is now more than ever, essential to be eco-conscious and responsible in terms of business practices, including production and manufacturing of products.

According to Britannica, plastic waste produced by industries for a variety of different purposes ends up in oceans worldwide, weighing several million tonnes.

Industries that rely on fossil fuels for energy pollute land and air at massive levels, causing severe and, at times, permanent damage to wildlife and human beings alike.

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Industrial waste is also responsible for various illnesses, as recorded by experts across the globe.

Similarly, chemicals used by industries in their production and manufacturing processes pollute clean water supplies that lead to further degradation of the environment.

Moreover, the overall carbon footprint of such activities is immense and leaves devastating impacts on all aspects of the environment.

As a result, various wildlife species have gone extinct or are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Some animals are endangered as their habitats continue to be ravaged. Polar ice caps are melting, causing a rise in sea levels that endanger the livelihoods of many animals and people living in coastal areas.

Although there have been various efforts in recent decades by countries worldwide to manage waste produced by industrial activity, the costs are incredibly high.

For example, China has spent around one hundred billion dollars to manage and reduce air and water pollution, but the situation remains dire.

In such circumstances, it then becomes evident that industries need to come up with responsible ways of production and waste management.

To make sure that there is minimal damage to the environment as possible, companies must incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices of production and distribution.

recyclable raw material

From the raw material that goes into making a product to the point that the customer receives the final product, there are numerous ways that companies can become eco-friendly. At BonitoPak, it is precisely this approach that we have mastered and continue to improve upon.

As discussed above, our molded pulp trays are one hundred percent biodegradable and produce little to no waste at all.

The lack of chemicals ensures no harm comes to the environment or our employees. And we have managed to do this by not compromising on the quality of our product, which is a feat we are exceptionally proud of.

Our vision is to become your first choice in sustainable packaging by delivering a product that does its job well and meets all your demands without harming the environment.

Our creativity in production and design and our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Therefore, you can rest assured that at BonitoPak, you will receive the most expertly-crafted molded pulp trays in a variety of styles, types, and custom designs. But more importantly, you are also doing your part in saving the environment from further damage by choosing our firm.