environmental molded pulp packaging manufacturers

Product description

pulp paper and packaging in the next decade transformational change

  • durable moulded paper pulp packaging market.
  • eco-friendly,compostable package solutions supplier.
  • rigid wet pressed bagasse plant fiber packaging companies.
  • molded pulp inserts for tea bag,tube,gift cardboard paper box.
  • low volume molded pulp packaging,pulp paper tray.
  • international molded pulp environmental packaging association.

Product advantages

Dyeing in orange molded pulp fiber packaging for gift

  1. paper sleeve as closure,protective packing,safety.
  2. attractive tiger shape design,popular molded paper box.
  3. embossed debossed logo,printed,UV etc.
  4. small tooling cost development,cost effective.
  5. smooth finish,paper moulded pulp box packaging.

Product datasheet

eco-friendly molded pulp packaging process,wet pressing

molded pulp production process
molded pulp production process