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10 Key Features of Molded fiber packaging

10 Key Features of Molded fiber packaging

10 Key Features of Molded fiber packaging
  1. Sustainable & Environmentally

Nowadays, people becoming more and more pay attention on the earth, the climate, the pollutions problem. less plastic, less waste is a trend for many countries, they increasing their social responsibility. In this case, molded pulp is good solution to packaging market, save the earth, do sustainable packaging.

2. Biodegradable & Compostable

Our molded fiber trays products meet 100% biodegradable & compostable, products made from sugarcane fiber, wheat strew, bamboo, paper pulp or other plant fiber, sourcing from nature and produced without toxic substances, minimal waste. Biodegraded in landfill within 90days,ecological cycle, recyclable.

3. Durable

Unaffected by extremes in temperature, no problems be used in oven, microwave, hot & cold liquid more than 100 high degree, -40 low degree, withstand freezing. For bio tableware oil proof & waterproof available, for medical care water resistance, as an alternative to plastic bedpan, kidney, or other plastic products.

4. Protection

Shock-proof, vibration and cushioning, high strength and strong enough to package your products, quite smooth surface feature, high-end quality but still sturdy, keep products insert safety, no damaged.

5. Custom Made

Molded pulp packaging not only shape custom but colors, designed can be workable based on your specifications, sustainable molded fiber replace most of plastic products. in white, black, natural/brown (unbleached) is often produced, in green, blue, orange or according to pantone color custom, no problem.

6. Long-term price stability

Using renewable resources, a variety of fibrous material sourcing, for example sugarcane pulp that is from sugar press industry. Our products is make full use of the material, raw material keep long-term steadily, then products price guarantee, minimal dependence on volatile costs fluctuations of oil and resins etc.

7. Stackable

Designed and engineered, protective & cushioning your products but at the same time easy stackable, when packing it is fine that stacked one by one, save warehouse costs, save transportation and logistics costs. Less expensive compared to Styrofoam (EPS), complicated die-cut corrugated ,EVA  and PE foam.

8. Space Saving

With the features of nesting and stacking capabilities which maximize pallet and retailer counts, limiting your need for inventory and warehouse space, compared with other forms of protective no eco-friendly packaging material reducing storage cost as much as 120%, save spaces, save costs, it is your best choice.

9. Time saving

When you make molded pulp trays in outer paper box, blister sleeves, or cartons, it is easy to do, rapid assemble . when you pulp products insert the pulp trays it is faster than other complex items. Save time means save labor cost.

10. Cost-effective

molded pulp tray box

BonitoPak with design & engineer teams, in-house prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. be sure products quality and on time delivery, keep minimal development and manufacture cost. costs are not tied to volatile petroleum-based, stable cost make lower overall cost, less expensive & cost-effective.