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Molded Pulp Packaging vs Plastic Packaging: Which is Better?

Molded Pulp Packaging vs Plastic Packaging: Which is Better?

recyclable molded pulp box

Packaging is one of those industries that impact every other sector all over the world. The concept of sustainability has taken deep roots in the packaging industry. It has led to the introduction and large-scale adoption of packaging materials like molded pulp.

Since plastic still remains a popular form of packaging, it is important to explore the differences between molded pulp packaging and plastic packaging solutions to determine which is better.

In this article, we will explore these differences in great detail to determine which type of packaging can help you contribute towards a greener and eco-friendly world.

What is molded pulp packaging?

Molded pulp is also called molded fiber. It is a type of packaging material that is mainly created from recycled paperboard. Generally, the process of creating molded pulp involves by hydrating the fibers to a pulp and molding them to particular shapes required for packaging. This entire process and material make molded pulp packaging highly environmentally friendly.

Unlike plastic packaging, the raw material used in molded pulp packaging can be used as waste in other industries. They have a high rate of recycling, so it becomes easy to handle molded pulp products before they become total waste.

The origins of molded pulp packaging can be traced back to the 20th century. However, the process has greatly evolved over the years. While molded pulp products were initially used for fruit packaging, they are now used in various sectors and industries, including electronics, health and medicine, and agriculture.

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recycled pulp trays packaging

What is plastic packaging?

The traditional plastic packaging is the complete opposite of molded pulp packaging. It is made from materials obtained via fossil fuels that have an adverse impact on the environment. As a result, plastic packaging is known for contributing towards pollution and overall depletion of natural resources.

plastic bag
plastic bag

Environmental Impact

Molded pulp packaging is known for its low environmental impact. Since it used very less quantity of water and recycled materials, it is much more eco-friendly than plastic packaging solutions.

Moreover, pulp molded products produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, ou can recycle and compost the molded pulp packaging and enjoy a closed-loop cycle for better environment.

On the other hand, plastic affects the environment in many different ways. For example, a lot of plastic packaging, such as boxes and bags, ends up in the ocean and harms aquatic life. Similarly, white pollution caused by everyday life plastic products is challenging to mitigate and has long-term environmental effects.

Plastic packaging that ends up on agricultural land also negatively impacts the soil and leads to poor crop yield. In fact, every plastic product ever created in the world is still existing in one way or another.

Therefore, it is important to switch to a reliable alternative for plastic packaging, such as molded pulp packaging, to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Applications of Molded Pulp Packaging

Other than the eco-friendliness, there are several other benefits and applications of molded pulp packaging as well:

1. Greater Precision & Protection

Molded pulp provides impressive precision in designing different packaging solutions and protects the products. Whether you have a small-scale business or a large enterprise, you can rely on quality molded pulp packaging solutions to secure your products.

A well-designed paper pulp box ensures all the things inside the box are properly set and do not get damaged during transportation.

On the other hand, plastic packaging, specifically plastic rolls, are quite fragile in nature. They contributes towards the global plastic waste and are often not enough to protect a product. In such a situation, it is only understandable that you should switch towards a stronger material like molded pulp packaging.

2. Versatility

The versatility of molded pulp packaging is another reason why it is a great alternative to plastic packaging solutions. For example, paper pulp inserts are great for the packaging of fragile items. Similarly, molded pulp can be used to create trays for the food and beverage industry. The large-scale adoption of molded pulp packaging solutions in different industries is proof of its versatility.

3. Custom Solutions

Plastic packaging typically comes in specific shapes and sizes. However, molded pulp packaging solutions can be customized as per particular specification of a product. Such kind of customization is not always possible in packaging solutions, so companies looking for wide-ranging eco-friendly packaging solutions will find molded pulp to be of great use.

4. Attract More Consumers

Gone are the days when plastic packaging used to be the standard in all industries. With more awareness and researches, consumers now also prefer companies that have eco-friendly packaging.

A wide range of molded pulp boxes and paper pulp inlays can help you bring sustainability to your business and appeal to a wider customer base that prefers eco-friendly businesses.

Having packaging solutions like molded pulp can also help you build a sustainable business in terms of the finances as you would be appealing to more customers.

Ultimately, every business should aim to to create an enjoyable and sustainable experience for the customers and using pulp molded products are a great way to do that.

5. Benefits for the Food Service Industry

Finding a suitable alternative to plastic in the food service industry has always been a significant challenge. With molded pulp trays and other such products, the concept of eco-friendly food supplies is also growing around the world.

If you have a business in the food and drink industry, it has now become quick and easy to switch to 100% biodegradable molded pulp products and minimize your reliance on plastic products.

recycled moulded pulp boxes supplier
recycled moulded pulp boxes supplier


Considering all of these benefits and features of plastic packaging and molded pulp packaging, the answer is simple: molded pulp packaging is much better.

Molded pulp products are revolutionizing the packaging industry by allowing you to switch towards sustainable, durable, and versatile packaging solutions. In comparison, the conventional plastic packaging comes with lots of environmental concerns and their long-term impact on the environment.

The continuous innovations and efforts by companies like BonitoPak will bring even more improvements in the molded pulp packaging industry. If you are looking for quality recyclable packaging, you should contact us!