Home compostable paper-based coffee capsule for Nespresso

compartable coffee pods

Product description

Home-compostable coffee pods Nespresso

  • Nestle’s nespresso plant fiber base compostable coffee pods.
  • wet pressed molded pulp process.
  • 100% biodegradable sustainable coffee cup.
  • durable,eco-friendly,landfill coffee pods manufacturers.
  • disposable sugarcane fiber material coffee capsule suppliers.

Product advantages

Plant-based home compostable coffee pods vendors

  1. zero plastic,biodegradable recyclable coffee capsule.
  2. non-toxic,health,clean and earth safety.
  3. reusable coffee,tea pods starter pack with coffee.
  4. PFAS free,special paper lid sealing.
  5. waterproof rigid moulded fiber pods China manufacturers.

Product datasheet

recycled biodegrable coffee pods suppliers