Custom Bagasse Trays for Cosmetic Products Packaging

Product description

Custom molded pulp trays to fit into your paper box

  1. custom bagasse trays for jar,tube inserts pack.
  2. rigide inlay packaging protective.
  3. smooth finish,clamshell attractive design.
  4. inexpensive raw material sources,recyclable.
  5. excellent bracing,blacking and anti-stat proformance.
  6. custom made based on your products,fittable.

Product advantages

Sustainable molded pulp clamshell package solutions

  • made from biodegradable recyclable material,eco-friendly & environmentally.
  • replace single use plastic.
  • moulded pulp insert for consumer packaging,make-up cosmetics tools,tube,beauty products
  • plant based molded paper pulp insert design,hot sales.
  • preferred interiro & inlay protective packaging material solutions.

Product datasheet

Wet pressed sugarcane fiber pulp trays packaging for tube,jars and bottle

 Wet Pressing Molded PulpDry Pressing Molded Pulp
MaterialSugarcane fiber,bamboo fiberCorrguated pulp,wood pulp
ApperanceOne side smooth,another side with textureRough surface
ColorWhite,Natural,Black,Pantone Custom Color:RedNatural,Black,White
CushioningGreat vibration & cushioningGood vibration & cushioning
Shipping& StorageStackable,low shipping and stroage costStackable,high shipping & storage cost
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutral
Climate ToleranceNon-affected by extreme high & cold temperatureHumidity affects proformance